Automated Hull Treatment
by Hubert Palfinger Technologies

until now, no automation took place in the field of ship maintenance and ship repair. Washing, blasting and coating hulls meant three standalone processes, resulting in hundreds of man-hours, enormous amounts of hazardous overspray and long downtimes.

To put it short:
it is time to redefine hull treatment.


The first ecofriendly, cost-optimized and automated system built for maintaining ship surfaces.

This automated system can be used for both spot repair and treating complete hulls. With its dual system setup, the HTC is able to simultaneously blast and coat the hull, maximizing time efficiency and minimizing costs.

A camera system allows the operator to screen specific areas. The operator then chooses the spots that have to be treated.

Your benefits:

  • Can reach nearly all lateral parts of the hull
  • Cost improvement (less staff, less docking time, less coating expenditure)
  • Improved durability of the working devices in the shipyard
  • Improved working conditions for the staff
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Enhanced safety during operation
  • Paint savings of up to 30 %

Self-sustaining, ground based operation

No scaffolding, no additional lifting devices, max. 3 crane lifts into the dock

HP washing and UHP-WJ blasting with water

No abrasives or chemicals used, less environmental impact, less cleaning, no flash rust for a minimum of 48 h, no re-washing needed prior to painting

Blasting tool vacuuming all water and residues from surfaces

No dust, no salt contamination, dry surface after treatment leads to no direct flash rust, direct separation of water and blasting residues

Automated airless coating tool

Reduces overspray, less contamination, less surface roughness, less variation in DFTs

3 hrs
Ready for operation
30 %
Better paint adhesion
48 hrs
Flash rust free
˜ 5 %

Per unit:
800 sqm/h
120 sqm/h
1400 sqm/h



HTC washes the hull quickly, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner with one automated system. No scaffolding or additional support are required.

  • Up to 500 bar washing removes any fouling, rust, flash rust and loose material
  • 800 sqm/h washing speed
  • Logging spots and areas to be blasted
  • Closed system vacuuming removed materials and process water


Intact coating prepared for proper paint adhesion

  • Pressure up to 3000 bar
  • Closed system: Vacuuming of all process water and removed material
  • Removal of single layers only
  • Sweeped surfaces are immediately dry, as well as grease, salt free and ready for coating


Automated Hull Treatment needs no grit. Instead of using abrasives, HTC blasts the surface with an ultra high pressure tool applying water up to 3,000 bar.

  • Residues are automatically vacuumed and filtered directly
  • Perfectly clean and uniform surface with a 30% increased surface adhesion
  • Dry surface after treatment prevents flash rust even in damp environments
  • HTC provides high quality and high speed blasting of up to 120 sqm/h


The HTC coating tool is so precise that the surface roughness can be reduced, leading to a fuel consumption by approximately 5% or more.

  • Overspray can be reduced from 30% to approx. less than 5% - protecting the environment and the surroundings
  • Automated and reproducable process means less DFT variations during the whole application
  • Workers, the environment and machines are protected from paint damages; fulfills all regulatory requirements for environmental protection

Model overview



The dual system, designed for largest docks and vessels

  • Truss tower: up to 42 m
  • Operation height: up to 39 m
  • Two independently working arms
  • Max blasting speed: 2.4 m/min
  • Max coating speed: 30 m/min

Download datasheet



Single proccessing arm for smaller docks and vessels

  • Truss tower: up to 36 m
  • Operating height: up to 34 m
  • Two independent working arms
  • Max blasting speed: 2.4 m/min
  • Max coating speed: 25 m/min

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Radio remote-controlled all-wheel drive vehicle equipped with closed UHP-WJ tool for coating removal on flat bottom and vessel’s lower parts 

  • Max speed: 6 km/h
  • Articulated steering, multiple disk brake
  • Max height: 3.38 m
  • Min height: 1.2 m

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Manbaskets for additional access, upgradeable with UHP-WJ tools

  • Tower height: 30 m
  • Outreach horizontal: 11 m
  • Outreach vertical: ~ 38 m
  • Basket capacity: 250 kg

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Rotor Jet Tool for fast and easy surface preparation. The Plug and Play system allows a use on almost every lifting device, the simple operation makes it usable for everyone in a short time.

  • Max water pressure 3000 bar
  • Fast and easy installation to any lifting device
  • Closed and clean system, vacuumed and filtered
  • Perfectly clean and uniform surface with a 30% increased surface adhesion


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